Deep Beliefs...

guiding me
a new moon
a dream
clear and
deep beliefs.

Today, I am aware of the beliefs that I hold that come from deep within...where I can pull them up and out of me when the need arises...where they blossom right in front of me even when I am unaware. These beliefs help me to live my life...especially in trying times...allowing me to make clear and positive choices. There are times when these beliefs are offered to others to help them along their path...beliefs that have come from deep within that have proven to be strong and so I share them as a sense of guidance for others...As they have guided me with color...with experience...with love...influencing things I do sometimes without a word...leading me through the darkness at times toward a new moon and a dream.
Artfully Yours,

PS: Are you aware of the deep beliefs that you have within? Can you bring them forward to allow yourself to look forward to a new moon and a dream?


Outside In said...

Wonderful! HCM!


Teri C said...

AWESOME zen cactus! We were thinking along the same lines today!!

Great commentary also.


marianne said...

Truely beautiful, both words and what an amazing cactus painting!

Julie said...

How beautiful...both words and painting! Nice to meet you! Happy Cactus Monday!