to touch
to remember
to nurture
to balance

Today, my mandala came first....and it speaks to me of reminds me this morning of how I sometimes have lost track of it...because of obligations...past wrongs...words unspoken....
LIFE... I often believe as I go along with my daily routines that even without attention everything will always be AS IS....but today, I am reminded that even when I am on the same path with others...have the same goals and dreams that there can be gaps that must be crossed...filled..nurtured...balanced... in order to have the intimacy that I so desire. Today, as I am aware of intimacy I reach out in order to grow closer...I focus my attention...give way to my compassion...touch and remember to acknowledge the closeness of intimacy.
Artfully Yours,

PS: Can you cross a gap today and reach out intimately to another and yourself?

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