This is my key...

Artfully Yours,

PS: What can you use your key to unlock?


Vanessa said...

:::tiptoe in:::
(furtively looking around)
..."just going to borrow this 'creativity' key for a teensy while"...
:::tiptoe out:::

Cheryl Finley said...

Oh I am so glad I found my way back to you, and your blog again! What wonders and blessings you always bestow on us, dear Pattie!

Thank you for sharing your process..I will pay attention as I am wanting to create a ritual of my own, and realized today I have a big issue with giving myself "permission". So..I'm working with that.

Happy Birthday!!! And I like the idea of your new year starting after your birthday - makes sense, and our new year is unique to each of us. Thank you for pointing that out! Happy New Year, Pattie!

Enjoy your vacation..and I am deeply grateful for your immensely generous spirit.