my mind...
my body...
my spirit.
surrounded by

Today, I am aware of my happiness...more so this morning for whatever reason it is so apparent. As I look over my journal I am aware that I have been using a lot of yellow backgrounds... showing and speaking to me of the happiness that surrounds me. Today, I am aware how much this happiness benefits me...my mind...my body...my spirit. I soar...I dance...I sing...I laugh...I dream with much more pleasure. I am aware of my life...I am aware of the beauty around me...I am aware of how I feel...What I think...and all the positive thing that are taking place. All the love that surrounds me and comes my way. Today, I am aware of my happiness..I am aware that I am actively determining and participating in creating that happiness...I am feeling strong...I am feeling capable...I am feeling nurtured and nurturing...I am growing! Today, I am aware of my happiness and today I feel gratified by it and I smile from my heart.
Artfully Yours,

PS: Today, what happiness can you be aware of that makes your heart smile?


Lisa said...

*Love* this post!

I am happy because I am aware that I am well loved beyond my own imagining or understanding.

And my heart smiles in happiness because I am living authentically. In the midst of the questions and the messiness - the unbelievable events that are unfolding have me shaking my head in disbelief and yet throwing up my arms (and prayers) in gratitude.

Charlie said...

This blog has been such a joy and help to me.. just wanted to make sure you know this. Reading through your affirmations inspire me. Your post on how to ask what your heart is aware of today was a major development to my affirmation journal. Thanks again....Charlie

Anonymous said...

I have been thoroughly enjoying the summer 2008 edition of Artful Blogging. I got it about a month ago and enjoyed reading every profile. When I got to yours I was thrilled to see a fellow Rochesterian being featured. You name sounded so familiar but I just couldn't place it until today nearly 30 days later. You and I were both in the Rochester Art Supply Invitational and you commented on my blog after the show. The name Patricia Mosca has been popping up until I finally put it together.

Congratulations on the Artful Blogging feature. Your blogs are great and I am a happy person now that I have solved my little mystery.

squarepegperson said...

I LOVE feeling like that - and it seems like/feels like to me..there's just an abundance of this feeling right now..i want to bottle it..but
hey, that's what you've done..made a record that we can go back to..

thanks for this

marianne said...

Wow pattie, love your blog!
Have been scrolling down your posts and one mandala is more beautiful than the other!
The cards are gorgeous too.
I will visit here more often!
Greetings >M<