Spilling Open...A reflection

to dreams
I am

Today, I am aware of spilling open...I am aware that I am doing this more often not only with myself, but with others. Subjects I once found to personal...to raw...to confusing...I am now addressing with my eyes and my mind open to capturing dreams and possibilities. Today, I am aware that I am spilling open and learning more about myself in the process....Even when I am aware that somethings are not going the way I think they should go, I am finding hope...I am sharing...I am believing that there are still other possibilities...
Today, as I reflect on my week and the messages that came to me...I am so aware that I have opened up more and more. I am feeling an intimate trust and releasing my self ...my words...my actions. I am allowing myself to feel the happiness that surrounds me with my mind...my body...and my spirit, allowing me to feel stronger...capable and loving. I hear the guidance of my inner voice and I am taking action with more excitement than I have in the past. I am aware that I have a richness of color...love and creativity that shines abundantly around me. Today, as I reflect on my week I am aware that there is a shift in my emotions...a shift in my response...a shift in my messages...and I am aware of them ... keeping them close to my heart.
Artfully Yours,

PS: Today, as you reflect on your day and your week can you spill open a little more so that you can see a shift in yourself?


ANg said...

This post is gorgeous, and YES i am trying to live eyes heart and soul wide open.
Love your art,

Vanessa said...

That really speaks to me this week...I shall go and ponder. Thank you.

rivergardenstudio said...

Wonderful art and writing. Your message is very thought provoking... Roxanne

Mandala Michelle said...

I think it is very brave, really, to post these for everyone to enjoy. I tend to keep most of my mandala art to myself. You've given me a lot to think about!
- MandalaMichelle