my 6


There are days when I can be SO HARD on MYSELF! No one else does this to me but ME!
I allow the blue funk to take over....I allow the negative to be pulled into me...I allow myself to spin out of control....BUT NOT TODAY!!!!!!
Today, I give myself permission....permission to be the woman I know I am....the one who flies
and soars on wings of her own colors....the one who is so soft inside that she is like a marshmallow, that is sweet and gooey...the one who is gentle with nature and with herself....the one who is loving, to all that she meets but especially to the dreams of her heart....the one who is kind and generous of spirit....the one who is sincere and truthful with her direction...with herself...with all that she is....
Today....I give myself permission to JUST BE!
Artfully Yours,

PS: How can you allow yourself to "JUST BE" today????

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